About us

Koodrinátor ODIS s.r.o. (further known as KODIS) was established in November 1995 by signing a social contract. The company was registered on 14th February 1996 in the Register of Companies. The main tasks include administration of ODIS system (accounting and distribution of revenues between the carriers, transport outputs coordination, schedules formation, data preparation for provision of transport services, etc.) and the development of ODIS (involvement of other cities, villages or carriers to ODIS). The company residency is in Ostrava and is managed through general meetings of companions, which are held two or three times a year. Company control is provided by two chief executive officers. The company provides traffic and engineering services for villages and cities, which are not companions but are involved in ODIS at the same time.

KODIS companions:

  • Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Statutory City of Ostrava 

Company authorities

General Meeting:

  • Companions

Supervisory board:

  • Ing. Radek Podstawka (cha­irman)
  • Margareta Michopulu
  • Ing. David Witosz
  • Ing. Jakub Unucka, MBA


  • Ing. Aleš Stejskal
  • Ing. Martin Dutko