Public Transport Promotion and ODISbus

Project Public Transport Promotion and ODISbus proposes to emphasize the social role and ecological benefits of using public transport among students. Project rises popularity, interest and knowledge about possibilities and simplicity of using public transport. This project is based and realized on the programme PIMMS CAPITAL, which is organized and financed by European Union. It is financed from European Regional Development Fund (85 %), the rest financial means (15 %) were provided by Moravian-Silesian Region.

The purpose of the project is promotion of ecology and usage of public transport, whereas ODISbus is adapted to perform the presentation inside the bus.

One lecture, which is focused on several aspects of using public transport, is prepared for students. In this lecture the questions of ecology and travel are connected. However, the need is to let students understand that using public transport highly helps our environment.

You can sign up your class via blank form on website: kalendar.kodis­.cz/. There is safety key on the website, which you can receive after contacting us.

Summary of the state after realization of the project

The aim of this project was to change awareness and raise attractiveness and popularity of public transport.

39 schools (96 classes) have been visited from the beginning of the project. Our lecturers have presented about ecology and public transport for 1 822 people, in average 47 people per school (or more precisely 19 students per class). There is an existing website that informs about this project with possibility for schools to sign up their classes: kalendar.kodis.cz/. However, this website includes calendar with free dates for schools to make reservations on their own. After reservation is done, each school is contacted afterwards by our lecturer with more detailed information about our visit.

1. Visited schools

Visited schools (pdf)

2. Happenings

Apart from schools mentioned above was ODISbus used for presentations about public transport for the public. The bus was presented at several happenings in 2014: 120 let MHD v Ostravě (120 Years of Public Transport in Ostrava) 13. 9. 2014; Školní den v Třinci (School Day in Třinec) 18. 9. 2014; Rodina v pohybu (Family in Move) 27. 9. 2014 in Karviná; Den železnice (Railway Day) 4. 10. 2014 in Bohumín; Den otevřených dveří Krajského úřadu Moravskoslezského kraje v Ostravě (Regional Council of Moravian-Silesian Region Open Day in Ostrava) 28. 10. 2014.

In 2015 we were part of the following happenings: Den Země v Karviné (World Environment Day in Karviná) 17. 4. 2015; Czech Raildays Fare in Ostrava 16.–18. 6. 2015; Fajné léto 28. 6. 2015; happenings held to International Mobility Day in Opava 18. 9. 2015; Den železnice (Railway Day) 26. 9. 2015 in Bohumín; Den otevřených dveří Krajského úřadu Moravskoslezského kraje v Ostravě (Regional Council of Moravian-Silesian Region Open Day in Ostrava) 28. 10. 2015.

In 2016 we were part of the following happenings: Vendryňský Kotár 2016 (sport event) 5. 6. 2016, Czech Raildays Fare in Ostrava 14.–16. 6. 2017, Den železnice (Railway Day) 24. 9. 2016 in Ostrava, European Mobility Week in Nový Jičín 21. 9. 2016.

In 2017 we were part of the following happenings: Den udržitelného rozvoje Bohumín 30. 5. 2017, Ven­dryňský Kotár 2017 (sport event) 4. 6. 2017, Czech Raildays Fare in Ostrava 13.–15. 6. 2017 and during Open day at shed of Městský dopravní podnik Opava, a.s. 28. 9. 2017.

3. Seminars

On 22nd October 2015 two seminars for pedagogical employees took place. This seminar was focused on the similar theme that is presented to students. All elementary schools in Moravian-Silesian Region were informed about this seminar, however only a few teachers participated. On this seminar the achieved aims had been shown from one year performance and the participants finally agreed on proposals for editing certain parts of the presentations for students and it was decided to extend the target group of younger students.

4. Conclusion

The aim of the project was to intensify the environmental thinking and development of enlightenment in the area of ecological and friendly transport in terms of higher exploitation the public transport. We are able to present results from performance after one year of the project based on filled in questionnaires.

Based on suggestions from teachers and pedagogical employees we have extended this project with the target group of elementary school students from 4th and 5th grade.

This project was realized with support: